Kune Kune Sales Contract


I, Kathleen Kruk, as representative for Ravenwood Farm, W5521 W Pleasant Hill Rd., Jefferson, WI, sell ______________________________________DOB______________________
to ____________________________________________________________
For the sum of $______________ on ___________________________
Pigs lineage is described as the following
Pigs identification is described as:

Ravenwood Farm(RWF) guarantees pigs up until one year of age for proven congenital defects that result in death of the animal. A necropsy from a licensed Vet, including proper identification of the animal, must be presented to RWF within two weeks of the death. RWF will replace the animal with another of their choice or offer a refund to the buyer at the discretion of RWF. Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer.

RWF will at their discretion replace with the animal of their choice or refund any breeding animal that by three years of age is proven by a licensed Vet to have never produced and to be sterile. Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer.

Should the animal purchased be proven by DNA to not have the genetics purchased, buyer may return the animal to RWF for refund if done within two weeks of DNA notification. Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer.

If buyer is unable to keep a purchased animal, buyer may return a well animal to RWF with no refund given. Buyer is responsible for transportation.

Kathleen Kruk, seller

-——————————— —————

Buyer Date