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History Of Biewer Terriers

Gertrude and Werner Biewer (pronounced bee-ver), in Germany, had been raising and showing Champion Yorkshire Terriers when in 1984 a tiny puppy was born with black, white and gold markings. This was the beginning of the Biwer Terrier.

The Biewer Terrier was imported to America in 2003.

In 2007, Mars Veterinary used DNA from ten dogs to prove that Biewer Terriers were indeed their own pure breed.

Biewer Terriers were the first purebred dog accepted in to AKC FSS in 2014 based on this science rather than traditional pedigree.

It is generally believed that other breeds may have been introduced in to the Yorkshire Terrier prior to the Biewers’ breeding program giving it the piebald gene and thus the white coloration.

Biewer Terriers are small , sweet, loving active dogs. Their hair is essentially non-shedding, much like human hair. Despite their small gene pool they are relatively free of genetic diseases.